At The Shows 2: NYFW 2013

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Some of our favorite pics, and great glasses and sunglasses style, from outside Lincoln Center at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, including J. Alexander, Natalie Liao and Kia Denise.

J. Alexander aka Miss J/Runway Coach/America’s Next Top Model

In his post America’s Next Top Model life, we were happy to see J. Alexander (aka Miss J) is still busy taking in the NYFW Fall 2013 runway shows. Clad in a casual look, J. Alexander’s futuristic twist on the classic aviator sunglasses and classic accessories tied everything together.

Adam Gallagher/Fashion blogger/ I Am Galla

Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla showed up in his winter whites and the ubiquitous Ray Ban Retro-Wingtip sunglasses for when the sun finally emerged after the storm.

Natalie Liao/Fashion Blogger/La Vagabond Dame

Natalie Liao, fashion blogger for La Vagabond Dame, wore one of our highlight pairs of sunglasses that featured a round lens with a cat eye shaped printed glasses frame. Her eclectic style was matched with a cable-knit sweater and oversized pieces that picked up the gold in frame Natalie Liao’s glasses frames.

Kia Denise/Fashion Blogger/ My Style 2 Yours

Leslie/Fashion blogger/ Pretty Haute

It’s always great when you can catch two fashionista’s together and Kia Denise and Leslie did not disappoint wearing their colorful mirrored sunglasses.  The creators of From My Style 2 Yours and Pretty Haute were bold, mixing pattern and color and braving the cold in their pumps.


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