#BeardBaubles + #DerekCardigan Glasses

This holiday season we are totally getting into the spirit of decorating beards! We love this trend and there isn’t a better brand to go with it than our own exclusive Derek Cardigan collection. The two are just meant to be. Check out how we paired #beardbaubles with a few of our #DerekCardigan glasses.

Derek Cardigan 7037 Olive
If you’re putting holiday ornaments into your beard, the transparent green hue of the Derek Cardigan 7037 Olive glasses will pair great with any color scheme you decide to go with and they mimic the colors of a Christmas tree.

Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice

If you’re bold enough to do tree lights in your beard then the Derek Cardigan 7014 Black glasses are the frames for you. They are just as bold and eye-catching with their classic Retro-Wingtip shape and two-toned acetate.

Derek Cardigan 7038 Brown
We all have extra gift wrap bows lying around this time of year so why not put them into your beard and pair it with Derek Cardigan 7038 Brown glasses for some festive cheer. The round shape of the frames are classic just like gift wrap bows.

Derek Cardigan 7010 Grey Haze

If you prefer multi-purpose items then try candy canes in your beard for festive decorations plus snacks when you’re hungry. The Derek Cardigan 7010 Grey Haze offers a striped acetate which mirrors the stripes in candy canes. Match made in heaven.

Derek Cardigan 7003 Black
We all love presents so adding them to your beard will be a sure hit. With these multi-colored accessories, the Derek Cardigan 7003 Black glasses are still bold enough to stand out but classic enough to let the presents shine through.

Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice2
Who doesn’t love eggnog this time of year? Or anytime for that matter. Adding tiny cups to your beard and serving eggnog out of them will surely draw a crowd and turn you into the life of the party. Again, this is a bold move which goes well with the Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice glasses.

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