Derek Cardigan Grammar Collection: Back in Stock


One of our favorite collections from Derek Cardigan has been the Grammar Collection that features handcrafted frames in a wide range of bold shapes that are made from handmade Italian acetate. Each glasses frame includes unique colon and semi-colon detailing in a variety of colors, including glossy black, striated dark olive and a marbled wood pattern.

The cateye is back and has been reinterpreted for a new generation of glasses wearers with these Derek Cardigan ­7019 frames.

These Derek Cardigan7023 frames feature a keyhole cut on the bridge and a rounder shape that is a modern take on a classic design.

A great pair of rectangular shaped frames are ideal for any face shape, and the ­7020 model is a more delicate version than its bolder cousin. Another rectangular shape is found in the ­7018 frames that feature stronger angles.

With a twist on classic shapes, these Derek Cardigan ­7021 frames bridge the gap between rectangular and square, and perfectly frame the face.

These Derek Cardigan 7026 frames feature a thick browline for a bold retro feel.

Derek Cardigan ­7027’s are a thinner style that frame and highlight the eyes, and provide a great alternative to the ever-popular thick frames of the past few years.

For a twist on the Derek Cardigan 7027 frames, these Derek Cardigan ­7028’s combine a flat, thick top that progresses into a thinner square shape.

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