Fall Glasses Trends: Three Looks | Luxe Naturals

Fall is the perfect season to start incorporating rich browns and greens into your wardrobe to really emphasize the colors of the season. Our luxe naturals trend does just that with frames featuring bamboo, wood grain and tortoise – natural textures which are complementary to the season and its colors.


Fall Trends: Luxe Naturals | Derek Cardigan 7037 Olive

The Derek Cardigan 7037 Olive glasses offers a subtle green color as well as dark bamboo arms making it a perfect match to a dark mustard/orange crew neck sweater. Stay warm with a matching olive green bomber jacket and gray scarf and throw in a pair of printed sneakers to add to the laid-back vibe of the outfit.


Fall Trends: Luxe Naturals | Joseph Marc 4111 Wood Grain

The great thing about the Joseph Marc 4111 Wood Grain glasses is that the color and texture of the frame is quite neutral so it will go with any look. We’ve chosen blue jeans, a gray button down shirt and a maroon sweater to complement the wood grain frames. We threw in a pair of slip-on sneakers and a printed duffel bag to add a pop of texture.


Fall Trends: Luxe Naturals | Trussardi TR 12735 Light Brown

The Trussardi 12735 Light Brown glasses are perfect for a formal look because of their contemporary style and hazy light brown finish. The outfit consists of tan trousers, a white dress shirt and a dark green wool cardigan which pairs well with the tortoise temples of the frames. The accessories are simple and sleek – a nice watch, a leather bag and Derby shoes, all complementing the overall color scheme of the outfit.


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