Glasses Trends: Summer 2013

Glasses trends for summer 2013 revolve around enduring glasses shapes that are given a style boost with a twist on their classic shapes, patterns and colors.

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Round frames are making a major comeback this summer in eyewear. This vintage-inspired look is a refreshing change that provides a new style direction. Whether you are ready to fully embrace perfectly round glasses frames, or want a gradual transition with softer rounded glasses shapes, glasses designers are offering a great selection of variations on this theme.

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Bold black acetate glasses frames are a strong look for a chic summer. A strong design point of view will ensure that you stand out from the crowd – even when wearing basic black. This look also makes a statement when paired with the brighter hues of the summer season. Detailing, such as the unique colon and semi-colon features on this pair, unique studs,  and stylish shapes all add an element of intrigue to a pair of bold black glasses.

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Vibrant colors are perfectly showcased in glasses designs for summer 2013. Glasses frames in Yves Klein blue, deep red, berry and neon shades can provide a flattering pop of color to any look. Whether you are looking for a timeless shape or a modern take on the classic cat eye, bright eyewear is the must-have accessory for the season.

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