Joseph Marc Glasses: Street Style Monochrome

Glasses are often your best accessory. Think about where it goes – on your face. Where does everybody look when they first meet you? Probably in the eyes when you introduce yourself, and that is when your glasses help to make the first impression. The Joseph Marc glasses we have selected feature horizontal gradient fading stripes that make a solid style statement. Inspired by the massive amount of street style we have been seeing at New York Fashion Week, we’ve come up with a textured monochrome look, finished with our exclusive Joseph Marc glasses.

The Core Outfit

A lot of street style looks are fabulous because they are stylish and (appear to be) comfortably when captured on camera. This is why we chose a comfortable Cynthia Rowley short-sleeve sweatshirt style top with leather trim. In light gray, it gives good contrast against the black leather skirt from Carven. The leather texture on both pieces add a tough chic vibe and the interesting hemline works to lengthen the legs on both sides to make them look longer.

The Accessories

These Joseph Marc glasses stay consistent with our monochrome theme, and we love its gradient stripes that give it a nice touch over regular black glasses.

Our Club Monaco baseball hat also has leather detailing to tie in with the rest of the outfit. To avoid coming off as too boyish with this look, we gave the outfit a Parisian chic look with 3-inch leopard print heels from Club Monaco and an elegant metallic leather bag from Chanel.

As accent pieces, we chose necklaces, rings, and a “safety pin” bracelet from House of Harlow 1960.

The Makeup

When styling looks with baseball caps or hats, we love long, flowing hair to go with it. So curl your strands, spritz in a texturizer from your mid-length to the ends and ruffle with your fingers for maximum chicness.


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