Radha Agrawal: Super Sprowtz Founder

Coastal.com has recently teamed up with Super Sprowtz, an organization passionate about the promotion of children’s health through nutritional eating. Close to our hearts, Super Sprowtz includes character’s such as Colby Carrot who highlights the importance of eye health and Erica Eggplant who sports a great pair of glasses and represents pride in being ‘super smart’.

We had a chance to meet with the Super Sprowtz founder, Radha Agrawal, who shared with us her favorite local destinations, inspirations and the spark that brought the Super Sprowtz to life.

Where do you call home?

As a half Japanese, Half Indian, French Canadian from Montreal now living in New York City, home is the world! I spend most of my time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is a great place to feel inspired by the big city but also have a little community.

What is your favorite neighborhood?

I would have to say, despite the expensive rent prices, Williamsburg Brooklyn, the West Village (where my sister and I have a restaurant Wild), the East Village, and the Battery – home of the most gorgeous park and urban garden at the bottom tip of Manhattan and soon to be the Super Sprowtz’ permanent home!

Do you have a favorite musical artist/band/music style?

Lately it’s been a really cool band called Beach House and every artist that Pandora thinks is close to them. I listen to all my music on Pandora because it opens me up to bands I’ve never heard of.

What do you most prefer to do with your downtime?

What downtime? Haha. If I’m not working, I’m generally on the move outside of work! I love to go dancing, go to music and art festivals, travel around the world to experience new cultures and palates.

Where do you most like to vacation?

I have a new interest in seeing the world around a cultural calendar – if there’s a music or dance or art festival in Thailand, I’ll plan my travel around that and see the country before and after.

What sparked the idea to start Super Sprowtz?

Super Sprowtz came out of a children’s menu I designed for our restaurant Slice (sliceperfect.com). I remember sitting with a number of children over the course of several months in the fall of 2006 watching them color in my characters, learn about their super powers and order more “Colby Carrot” and “Brian Broccoli” and “Erica Eggplant” for their pizzas to gain their super powers. After buying up every book I could find that was for children around the subject of nutrition and researching on line all the programs offered to inspire children to eat more vegetables and make better food choices, I realized there was really nothing exciting and relevant for children out there and that something had to be done.

What has been your most inspirational moment since founding the company?

Wow, there are so so many moments that it’s hard to pinpoint one but I would have to say it was when I received my first package of letters from a second grade class in the Bronx – there must have been 30 or 4 letters in this package with drawings of my characters recreated by these students with letters to Colby Carrot and Brian Broccoli introducing themselves and why the Super Sprowtz inspired them to eat better and choose healthier foods.

How have your partnerships with athletes and actors such as Shaquille O’Neal, Russell Simmons and Jeff Bridges come about?

When there’s a strong mission behind a company that has a fun, approachable quality and lovable characters behind it, how can you resist? All of these incredible celebrities and influencers signed on asking for nothing in return – it’s been eye opening to see just how much support people are willing to lend for a cause they care strongly about.

What would you most like to see as a result of the Super Sprowtz mission?

The results of our efforts are generational. We want the next generation of children to realize the importance of how they fuel their body, the need to exercise and recognize how all our actions affect the planet at large. We want Super Sprowtz to be an international children’s brand recognized as the leader in nutrition and wellness education.

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