Reinvent your Eyestyle: Alexandra

Alexandra is all about empowering women to elevate their everyday and to extend style to all areas in life. Her lifestyle blog “To Vogue or Bust” shows women everywhere that they can find their style, no matter what budget they’re on which makes her the perfect closing feature to our “Reinvent your Eyestyle” campaign.

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How do glasses impact your style choices? I’m really all about achieving balance with my looks so if I’m working glasses into my looks, I’m usually letting them take front and centre and adjust the rest of my outfit accordingly! Having said that, I find I’ve been reaching for my glasses for night-out ensembles more often than daytime looks – something about the combination of geeky chic with a LBD or equally slinky piece makes these evening looks more special!

Why are glasses such an amazing fashion accessory? More than anything, glasses are a real reflection of your personality and of all the facets that make up who you are, which is why one person can go from a really refined, classic pair to a funky colored pair! It’s all about how you interpret them and how you wear them, and it’s that adaptability and personal approach that makes glasses such a fun and amazing fashion accessory.

What’s your number one new year’s resolution? To play more! As an entrepreneur, I find I’m always hustling and thinking about work – I’m trying to remind myself to be more of a kid this year and not take everything so seriously.

What’s a tip on matching frames to a particular look? Try to pair unexpected pieces together: a bookish pair of tortoise frames with a silk dress, a clean-cut look with bright frames, etc.

How did you hear about I worked on a curated collection a couple years ago with and then became a customer immediately afterwards!

When did you know that you wanted to be a lifestyle blogger? I began blogging as a creative outlet when I was at a bit of a crossroads with my education and life – being able to self-publish was so empowering, and it’s why I continue to blog all these years later!

What’s next for you in your career? Moving steadily more into a lifestyle platform as opposed to the strictly fashion content I was posting before, and also working on making To Vogue or Bust more contributor based so that I can house more voices, more content and more inspiration! Also, expect a lot more travel content and adventures in the future!


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I like to wear a lot of neutrals while running errands (think grey, black, white, etc) so these cherry red frames offer a much-needed pop of color to my daytime ensemble. With a touch of leopard, the pairing gives a cheeky vibe to my otherwise casual, laid-back look!

Derek Cardigan 7023 Burgundy Alex Grant tovogueorbust-3615


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I spend a lot of time moving and working on my fitness but when I’m doing some sort of lower-intensity activity like walking the Sea Wall here in Vancouver, I like to give my eyes a break from my contact lenses by wearing something classic but still stylish like these classic frames. They’re the perfect addition to my athleisure look, offering a nod to style while still being completely functional!

L771 Black Havana Alex Grant to tovogueorbust-3505


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I always opt for classic styles but love reinterpreting a staple frame in a way that’s unique while still neutral, like these clear frames. Worn with a classic and structured blazer, the juxtaposition of the modern vibe of the glasses against the timeless aesthetic of the rest of the look really amps up visual interest!

Kam Dhillon 3068 Cathy Crystal Alex Grant tovogueorbust-3708

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