Reinvent Your Eyestyle: Natasha

Natasha’s passion for music and dance came when she was only 2 years old and since then she’s been busy living her dream, singing the national anthem at sports games, being the lead singer of a pop band and recording her own solo album. Natasha is constantly traveling, performing and living her everyday life so she knows a thing or two about reinventing your eyestyle.

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How do glasses impact your style choices? I think glasses can add diversity to any outfit. With an array of amazing styles to choose from, you can really change up your look! That makes glasses the ultimate accessory!

What’s a tip on matching frames to a particular look? My particular style would be to match a frame with an outfit quite monochromatically, however I also think it is fun to occasionally use a frame with a pop of color to change it up!

Why are glasses such an amazing fashion accessory? You can use glasses as an amazing accessory in so many ways. For example, they can add “chic and sophisticated”, “edgy and fashion forward” or “classy, polished and professional” vibes to your look! It’s your choice!

What’s your number one new year resolution? To drink more water. With such a busy schedule, I’m guilty of forgetting to sip H20 all day long.

When did you know you wanted to become a singer? I have been working hard since a very young age and it has been a natural steady progression in the world of the arts. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to make singing a career. First starting in dance, moving to theatre and then onto singing. With thousands of performances and working, touring and travelling with amazing artists, I feel truly blessed. And I am continuing to work hard on this incredible journey!

What’s next for you in your career? I am currently in the songwriting stages for an upcoming solo record which I am very excited about. So I’ll be spending my next few months working hard in the studio!


Kam Dhillon 3064 Carla Black

I paired this edgy black frame with this more causal top to add a modern vibe to the look!

Natasha Zimbaro-0102


Love L769 Blush Petal

I love to match my accessories to my outfit so I paired this lovely pastel pink frame with this coat.

Natasha Zimbaro-0380


Derek Cardigan 7039 Lavender Brown

I love pairing a cat-eye frame with a blazer. To me this look is so chic and fun, but still very professional!

Natasha Zimbaro-0226

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