#SeeClearly Road Trip | Follow the Journey

As an eyewear company, vision is at the heart of everything that we do.

It’s something that seems so simple, and yet a pair of glasses has the ability to put your whole world in focus.

Sight has a profound impact on how we perceive everything around us; what we see, what we experience, and the people that we meet. Because all too often, we overlook the beauty in every-day details; our ability to read a written word, respond to a simple smile, and comprehend the complexities of daily life.


We hit the road, driving up the west coast for 12 days of sun, sand, surf, and stories to understand how vision impacts the lives of the people around us. We met 6 people from 5 different cities – each with their own unique take on sight, work, life, and family. These stories opened our eyes to the details that shape our experiences; the serenity of the ocean, the vivid colours of a painting, and the ability to see the faces of the ones that we love.


We want to share these stories in an effort to inspire you to consider how vision has enriched your own life. Follow our journey and tell us how you #SeeClearly.

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