#SeeClearly Road Trip | Meet Preston

Portland was full of unique surprises and hidden treasures.

While perusing the city’s vibrant streets, we came across Preston. The charming tune of his traditional Irish instrument drew us in, and it was clear that he had some fantastic stories to share.


Meet Preston: a musician and skilled player of the uilleann pipe, his unique sound and laid-back vibe were hard to miss. Under the guise of The Primrose Glen, Preston’s love for music transcends the upbeat songs that he plays.

New to eyewear, Preston hadn’t realized that he needed glasses until just over a year ago. After putting on his first pair, he was astounded by how clearly he could perceive the world around him.

I feel like being able to see more detail, made me more detail oriented in my life in general.


To Preston, the ability to see more detail has had an immense impact on how he lives his life every day. From being able to see more detail to becoming more detail-oriented, eyewear is at the centre of how Preston perceives the beauty in the world around him.

How do you #SeeClearly? Join us on the journey.

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