#SeeClearly Road Trip | Meet Taco

The first stop on our journey was Santa Monica, California.

While walking along Venice Beach, we spotted a dancing skateboarder with big headphones and an even bigger smile. We knew we had to say hello.


Meet Taco: A full-time skateboarder and part-time barristo, his exuberance and passion for life drew us in immediately. We got to talking, and he told us that eyewear was not only essential in helping him to do what he loved, but they also allowed him to appreciate the beauty of his surroundings.


Taco realized he needed glasses from a very early age, when watching TV from even a foot away proved a blurry challenge. His dad took him to get his first pair, and he was amazed at how different the world looked when he could see it in focus.

The ocean is so beautiful. I wouldn’t be able to see it without [my glasses].

Skateboarding – his first love – requires a great deal of awareness. Whether it’s the ability to balance on the board, see the path ahead, handle the curves, or navigate a crowd. Without glasses, none of this would be possible for him.

Plus, you have to admit that they look pretty good.


How do you #SeeClearly? Join us on the journey.

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