Signature Style Series | Jordan Layne

A Vancouverite and eyewear connoisseur, Jordan knows that the right frame can amplify any outfit. From thrifty finds to tailored pieces, Jordan’s style is distinctly nostalgic, with contemporary elements that propel his ensembles into the 21st century.

I can change up the energy in a look simply by changing my glasses. I love being able to do that.

Green | Playful and Preppy


Jordan lets this green pair stand out against a crisp dress shirt and green knit sweater. Amp up your every day work look by adding some playful contrast to your ensemble.

I tend to gravitate to more neutral frames, but if my wardrobe is relatively monochrome, they can definitely be the focal point.


Derek Cardigan Vincent in Green

This vintage-inspired pair is given a modern twist with an energetic green finish.

Black | Casual and Cool


Jordan offers a laid-back appeal to this vintage-cool frame by sporting a casual tee and relaxed button-down. Steal Jordan’s signature style by pairing a striking black frame with relaxed pieces.

There’s such a foundational comfort in classic black frames.


Derek Cardigan 7001 in Black

This bold, rounded frame offers the perfect focal point to any ensemble.

Tortoise | Effortless and Sophisticated


Jordan adds a casual touch to his sophisticated work look by pairing these tortoise frames against a tailored jacket and crisp dress shirt. Channel Jordan’s signature style by pairing a casual tortoise frame with structured pieces.


Joseph Marc 4133 in Havana

These scholarly frames offer a refined aesthetic with a laid-back feel.

Metallic | Cool and Contemporary


Jordan contrasts the stark simplicity of his gold frame by pairing it with a patterned button-down tee. Take a note from Jordan’s style and juxtapose a simple frame with bold patterns.

I’m in a metallics phase, so neutral coppers, silvers and golds are my top picks.


Joseph Marc 4099 in Gold

This distinct, vintage frame is given a modern feel in a gleaming, golden hue.


Jordan’s Tip for the Perfect Fit

“Finding the perfect fit takes time. I’m the same way when it comes to clothes. I like to find brands that work well with my body and then choose between them. Similarly, once I find a size metric that works with my face, I stick with those dimensions and find frames that work within that.”

Ready to find your signature style?


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