Staff Picks | 4 Key Frame Styles to Refresh Your Wardrobe Basics

Accessories can dress any look up or down, and no accessory has a bigger impact on your overall appearance than eyewear. Sitting front and center on your face, the perfect pair of frames can transform the simplest outfits into something new and fun.

Below, three of our most stylish staff members show how they built a glasses wardrobe that takes their work-a-day basics from desk to downtown in the blink of an eye.


Laura is our Global Marketing Partnerships Manager. Her current glasses wardrobe is a mix of casual and formal, featuring a variety of neutral and pastel colors and a mix of sweet and streamlined shapes.

While her Joseph Marc 4114 Navy frames are perfect for client meetings and big presentations, her Kam Dhillon 3079 Katerina Bare glasses make for a great laid-back weekend look.

Laura also shows how the same frame can have a totally different effect depending on the shade — her Kam Dhillon 3092 Atlas Black glasses have a cute geek-chicness that look great against her classic oval face shape, while the same frame in Saffron Flower adds a fun pop of pigment and brings out touches of rosiness in her cheeks for a flirtier, date-ready style.







Dylan is our Product Marketing Coordinator. His collection alternates between sporty and serious with the occasional flare of vintage inspiration. Ever the brand loyalist, all of Dylan’s looks come from our Joseph Marc line.

But brand is where the similarities end; each of Dylan’s frames offers something different — from the reflective charm of the Joseph Marc 4140 Pewter glasses, to the old-school cool of the Joseph Marc 4144 Havanas.

Though he likes to keep things nice and neutral, Dylan still works in a little pigment with the deep green of the Joseph Marc 4113 Green glasses, and then lets his full personality shine through the icy Joseph Marc 4102 Crystal frames.







Sasha is our PR and Community Coordinator. Her capsule quartet keeps things simple by working with a similar shape and playing instead with different color combinations. Our personal favorite is the crystal-clear Joseph Marc 4145 frame, coupled with her trademark messy bun and stunning Blue Steel expression.

Other great styles include the Kam Dhillon 3084 Eva Bare glasses, which add a sugar-spun sweetness to Sasha’s neutral grey and white wardrobe, the Joseph Marc 4134 Matte Black frames which bring out her inner goofball, or the Joseph Marc 4104 Burnt Ambers, which keep Sasha fierce and fashionable.



Inspired to build your own glasses wardrobe? Click below to get started:

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