Staff Spotlight | Mindy


Name: Mindy Singh

Job Title: Customer Service Representative

How long have you worked at 8 years!

Which frame are you wearing? Jimmy Choo 60 807 Black

What accessories do you always wear? I adore my diamond earrings from my sweetheart, so they are on every day and I can`t live without cowboy boots! I have a pair for every season.

Where do you find style inspiration? Pinterest a lot lately. It`s addicting.

What glasses style are you drawn to? I`m really into the cat eye look right now. It`s a fun look that can be styled with a dressy outfit or casual.

What song is your jam right now? Tippin` Point by Canadian artist Dallas Smith. He opened for Jason Aldean`s concert and sang this song. It`s been stuck in my head ever since!

How would you describe your style? Feminine and classic.

If you could fly anywhere, where would you go? France to visit Disney Paris, Japan to visit Tokyo Disneyland and I`m in need for some sun and sand so a trip back to Hawaii would be amazing right now.

What has been your favorite work memory to date? I have been lucky enough to work with all of my best friends in the last 8 years at so there are many treasured memories but the one that stands out is winning a trip to Las Vegas for selling eyeglasses when they were first launched. Roger couldn`t make the trip, so instead he gave each of us $100 bill. I still have that $100 bill! The trip was so much fun. We had a chance to visit Zappos headquarters and learn about their workplace culture. It`s amazing to see some of their culture that has adopted over the years.


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