Staff Spotlight | Tat


Job Title: Senior Web Developer

How long have you worked at 10 years and counting

What has been your favorite work memory within that time? When I got a call from HR Director, Kam Dhillon, in 2004 to say “When can you start?” Ever since then, there have been countless memorable moments that I will take with me.

Which glasses are you wearing? Ray-Ban RB5245 2034 Black Crystal

What is your favorite part of the job? Being wired in (focused on building our website).

How do you describe your style? Clean, cut, minimal…… big logos.

Where do you like to shop? Online.

How many glasses do you own? 10+

Which song has been played the most on your iPod? ALIVE – PEARL JAM

Do you have a favorite movie? Yes I have a few, Godfather, Goodfellas, all Marvel Movies with the exception of DareDevil, another Ben Affleck disaster.

What is a quote that you live by? “Get busy living or get busy dying” – from the movie Shawshank Redemption, great movie!

What would we find you doing on the weekends? Riding my motorcycle around town and playing ice hockey.


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