Statement Necklace

A statement necklace does exactly that, makes a statement within your outfit. It’s a simple accessory to add to your outfit to dress it up for any occasion. The great thing about this necklace is that it minimizes the use of other jewellery since it’s a bold piece to wear .

Just like the statement necklace can transform with any occasion, so can your glasses. Check out the four different outfits we’ve made around the statement necklace and the four eyeglasses we’ve paired with each outfit.

The Looks


Wear the statement necklace at work with skinny black slacks, a turquoise flowy tank top and a simple cardigan. The necklace will add a simple pop of elegance to your nine to five ensemble without going overboard and complement your tank top perfectly. Pair it with a pair of Coach Midori 2036 515 Purple eyeglasses to complete the professional but elegant look.


As it gets deeper into fall, more occasions for fundraisers arise. Wear a simple dark purple dress with gold strappy heels along with the statement necklace. Finish off the sophisticated look with simple accessories like a pair of Tom Ford 5078 522 eyeglasses, pearl earrings and a white clutch. Remember, less is more with formal outfits.

Night Out

Hit the town in burgundy skinny jeans, a lace body suit and a leather jacket over top with the statement necklace as the main accessory. A pair of Derek Cardigan 7005 Black eyeglasses will fit the outfit perfectly with it’s cat eye style frame. Simple gold studs and black knee high boots will complete the bombshell look for your night out.


Wear the statement necklace with your casual outfit to dress it up. Pair it with light grey jeans, a striped sweater and an army green fall jacket with subtle accessories like the Love L709 Brown Pink eyeglasses and simple silver earrings. Add a tan shoulder bag and ankle boots to the outfit for the ultimate casual fall outfit.

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