The Best in Titanium Glasses Frames

Titanium is a silver-colored metal with low density and high strength. Because of its strength, malleability and resistance to corrosion, it has found many industrial, military, automotive, electronics and other applications. These properties make it an ideal material for creating durable glasses frames. Titanium glasses frames are also lightweight and comfortable. In glasses frames, it can be used alone or alloyed with iron, aluminum and several other materials.

Eyeglasses with titanium frames are a little more expensive than glasses with steel, acetate and other types of frames. But the long-term benefits of titanium frames far outweigh the difference in costs. Below are some of our favorite titanium glasses frames.

These stylish semi-rimless glasses have a frame made of pure titanium and are thus extremely lightweight. The outside surfaces of the frame have metallic gold color and the inside surfaces feature a pop of dark chocolate brown. When you wear these glasses, you can make quite a statement without having to say anything.

This pair of distinctive rectangular glasses features a titanium frame with a satin brown finish. The clean and simple lines of these Ltede frames are inspired by modern architecture and Scandinavian design.

These classic unisex glasses have a titanium frame with a two-tone olive and gunmetal finish. The lenses are semi-rectangular and suitable for most face shapes. Choose this pair for a light, casual yet elegant look.

This pair of titanium glasses frames is extremely lightweight and designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind. With Ad Lib’s signature Excellence Titan hinge system, these glasses offer a smooth opening and closing movement and great flexibility and durability.

These semi-rimless glasses for men are so light that they will feel weightless on your face. Ideal for people who prefer comfort over any other factor, this pair of titanium glasses frames are a classic style you can wear every day.

These ultra-light glasses have rounded rectangular titanium frames with a matte metallic brown finish. The thin temples are accented with the Giorgio Armani logo and end with tortoise acetate tips. These beautiful unisex glasses are great for extended wear as they are comfortable and stylish.

These and other titanium glasses frames are ideal for everyday wear because they are strong, durable and require very little maintenance. Their flexibility allows them to be pulled and yanked without breaking or bending them permanently. They are also available in many different colors and designs that give you a very cool, stylish and fashionable look.


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