Top 20 Glasses Moments | New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week played host to some amazing glasses trends this fall which was able to capture firsthand. Glasses trends included semi-translucent frames in eye catching colors, classic shapes with modern matte finishes, and well as oversized styles that played with exaggerated silhouettes. We were also thrilled to spot some trendsetters accessorizing with Derek Cardigan glasses.

From celebrity glasses designer of A-Morir, Kerin Rose Weinberg, and her unique bedazzled lenseless glasses trend to Project Runway contestant, Stanely Hudson, and his vintage-inspired chunky black frames, we take this time to countdown the top 20 glasses moments from New York Fashion Week.

So, if you’ve been wanting to update your glasses style this fall, take inspiration from these glasses trends that come straight from New York Fashion Week.


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