Ty Burrell in Derek Cardigan | 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards

Emmy Award 2014 winner for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Ty Burrell, selected our  Derek Cardigan 7012 Ice glasses to pair with his custom-tailored Todd Snyder suit.

Known for balancing humour with poignant emotion on Modern Family, Ty Burrell demonstrates that he’s also an expert at matching Savile Row inspired tailoring with contemporary pieces on the red carpet. Derek Cardigan 7012 Ice glasses provide a dose of vintage charm with their round shape, while maintaining a modern edge with their clear acetate design and multiplication and division detailing.




The Derek Cardigan eyeglasses collection, exclusive to Coastal.com, provides an ideal counterpoint to stylish attire, whether you’re suiting up for a formal occasion or catching up with friends for drinks.


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