Versatile neutrals in paradise

Hello, I mean Oahu, paradise

As it turns out, paradise isn’t just a physical location. It’s a state of being, an attitude, a feeling. Paradise has a lot more to do with who and what you are than where you are; nonetheless, if paradise were a physical place, it would surely be the island of Oahu.

I was headed to paradise in a brand new capacity, and most would deem opposite of such: for work. But for me, this was a massive dream come true, and I looked it straight in its beautiful face with nothing but a few necessities in my repertoire. My best equipment, my good friend and business associate, and my best pairs of glasses – for the sun and for the work. I knew paradise was so, so close.

So where in Oahu did we go, what did we see, and what lenses did we see them through?


What to see in Oahu

Oahu has so much more to offer than its tourism center of Waikiki. I still gasp with disbelief when I recall my first trip here where I stayed in Waikiki for a whole week. I was a green traveler at that point, but still, it was a pitiful mistake.

In order for you to avoid that mistake, I’ve put together a little list of tasks that will ensure you get the best version of Oahu possible.

Step 1

Rent a car. Or a moped. Or some form of motorized transportation.

Step 2

Carve out an entire day for the North Shore. My favorite North Shore beaches are Waimea Bay and Shark’s Cove. Chances are, you’ll probably end up coming back here for a second or third time.

Step 3

Do at least one hike. I recommend driving to Lanikai and doing the Pillbox Hiking Trail, but if you want something a little less intense, try Moana Falls.

Step 4

Go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. It’s absolutely stunning here and the underwater life is pretty incredible.

Step 5

Go to Chinatown for dinner one night, and take a drive through downtown Honolulu. It’s beautiful and worth the sight.


What lenses to see them through

Paradise is basked in sunshine, obviously, so it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your eyes from these harsh rays as you stare in awe at some of the most beautiful scenery of your life.

I was fortunate enough to come across Coastal’s new Versatile Neutrals trend, where I picked up Love L769 (a pretty blush babe with the perfect Hawaii tan), and Joseph Marc Norton (a simple, transparent fella who means business)*. Together, these two went to bat for me, allowing me to escape with glee as the wind blew my hair through the windows of the car, meandering amongst the windy roads of the North Shore, and getting me focused on the project at hand, ultimately bringing me closer to another paradise known as successful completion.

Seeing paradise is surely one of the best experiences in life, particularly when you’ve got your best friend by your side, a healthy challenge before you, and your best pair(s) of glasses to see the beautiful sights through.

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*Note: Crystal shade currently sold out, but the Norton is available in a range of other flattering hues, like Tortoise.

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