Wedding Glasses: Bridal Party Style

When people think about wedding glasses they often think about what kind of crystal they’d like to hold their champagne, but more and more bridal parties are incorporating their individual style through their eyewear. The past years have seen a shift from the bridal party wearing the same, uniform attire. Brides often give their wedding party more freedom in their dress selection, with bridesmaids now choosing dresses in a variety of colors, lengths and styles. Adding a personal touch is now standard as everything from the decor to the accessories now reflects the point of view of the bride, groom and their friends and family.

Wedding Glasses Inspirations

We were moved by the touching wedding video of two of our favorite fans, Jake and BJ (also known as @ThugXWife and @HairyNScary), who perfectly incorporated their style into their recent nuptials. At their wedding, Jake chose to wear his favorite Derek Cardigan glasses, as did a number of the couple’s bridal party who wore Derek Cardigan glasses and sunglasses during the ceremony and throughout the day. We love that the couple selected vintage-inspired attire, perfectly highlighting their wedding glasses style, while still featuring their fantastic tattoos.

A number of brides are forfeiting contact lenses to express their individuality through their eyewear selection. Vintage-inspired, bold, classic, and everything in between all provide a great accessory for the big day. Grooms can find their own style identity through their glasses frame selection, and can pair their look with their suit or tux.

Wedding Glasses Tips

Your wedding day should still be a reflection of you, don’t be afraid to allow your personality to shine through. If you are going for a bolder, retro look then a great pair of glasses with a cat eye or Retro-Wingtip shape is ideal (and the cat eye provides the feminine detail as well). Color can both tie in a theme of your wedding day, or can also provide a more subtle shape (for instance a honey hue, one of this fall/winter’s biggest trends).

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