4 Reasons You Should Wear Sunglasses More Often

Sunglasses shouldn’t be worn for just style. They are actually an essential piece of equipment used to maintain optimal eye health. The following are a few reasons you should be wearing sunglasses every time you’re subjected to UV rays.

  1. Once your eyes are damaged, treatment is less effective – Once you damage your eyes from the sun there is no going back. UV rays are harmful and can damage your eye cells over time. As your cells continue to get damaged, the replacement and repairing process slows down, which makes it less effective. This can cause serious eye complications and diseases.
  2. Sun glare and reflections can be just as damaging – Just because it’s not sunny out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear your sunglasses. Reflective surfaces can increase the power of light even on cloudy days. Snow and sand can be reflective and hinder your visual capabilities while swimming, skiing or hiking. The best thing to do is to wear sunglasses while you are outside taking part in any of these sports.
  3. Ultraviolet light can burn through clouds – Usually when it’s cloudy out we skip out on wearing sunglasses. This can be one of our biggest mistakes because ultraviolet light consists of high-energy rays that penetrate right through the clouds. If you’re outside when it’s cloudy without sunglasses you’re subjecting your eyes to a high amount of damage. This can lead to certain eye conditions, such as cataracts and snow blindness.
  4. Damaged eye cells can cause complications – Damaged eyes can cause a lot more significant problems than just irritation and poor eyesight. It can actually lead to serious and irreversible diseases that can be prevented with the use of sunglasses. It’s best to be wearing your polarized sunglasses whenever you are outside because eye problems can even become worse.

We have a variety of polarized sunglasses you can purchase to wear whenever you are outside. Contact us if you have questions about certain styles or lenses. We can help you find the perfect pair of polarized sunglasses for you!