Need a solution for foggy sunglasses?

We’ve all been there – stepping outside on a chilly day from our warm house or taking a sip of your favorite hot beverage while outside – and your sunglasses instantly fog up. It can be annoying and dangerous at times when you find yourself without clear vision. We hope these fog-free tips and tricks work for you!

Finding the right pair of sunglasses

It’s best to talk to a professional when shopping for frames as some fog issues can be the result of poor circulation. If your frames aren’t the right fit for your face shape air can become trapped between them and cause condensation. Let us help you find a pair of sunglasses that will work well for you!

Use anti-fog wipes or spray

There are a few different products available to prevent foggy sunglasses. These products can create a water-repellent surface on your lense to keep them fog-free. Remember these products must be reapplied!

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