Sunglasses for Baseball Players

Although sunglasses are largely considered an accessory, for an outdoor sport such as baseball they can be almost as important as a glove or a bat! The right pair of sunglasses can provide significant improvement in depth perception, and sharpen contrast improving visual acuity. For professional and even recreational baseball players, wearing the right type of sunglasses can be the difference maker in making or missing a catch in the outfield, for example. Here is a bit more information on how and why they work!

When choosing sunglasses for baseball, you should consider style, shape, frame, fit, and most importantly, functionality. What this means is you will want to consider how the sunglasses help to improve your game. One of the best ways this is done is by cutting down on the glare from the sun, especially when you are looking straight up, directly into the sun, while trying to track down a pop-fly ball. To do this, invest in a pair of high-quality polarized sunglasses with UV protection from the sun's rays. At the same time, keep in mind that certain coloured lenses will do a better job at improving contrast in typical outdoor ‘baseball’ conditions. Choosing a grey or green coloured lens will do a better job at reducing brightness and glare compared to other colours such as yellow or orange, for example.

Now that we have covered lenses, let’s move onto the frames. For a sport such as baseball that involves running at high speeds as well as a baseball moving at speeds of up to 100mp/h and faster, durability is as important as functionality. Frame materials can range from metals and woods to many types of plastics and silicones. A polycarbonate material is lightweight and durable to withstand common baseball impacts that may occur in a game. On top of its durability, this material is known for its softness as well as being hypoallergenic, and so should be comfortable for most people to wear day in and day out!

One more aspect to consider when purchasing sunglasses for baseball is the fit. As mentioned, baseball can involve extremely fast movements at times, and having sunglasses that fit snug and secure to your face is very important. Athletic sunglasses should stay in place at all times, and fit the natural contours of your face. Look for pairs with silicone nose and temple pads to add grip to your skin without sacrificing comfort.