What are Coyote Sunglasses polarized sunglasses and why you need them?

What are polarized sunglasses and why you need them?


Summer is around the corner, sunny day, long summer nights and its to pick up a new pair of sunglasses. Certainly there are many options out there, from expensive stores in malls, to gas station carousels with  the sticker stuck to the lenses may claim to have 100% UV protection, these off-the-rack sun glasses may be doing more damage than nothing at all.  So why leave the decision to the last moment, thankfully Coyote eyewear is hear to help.

Coyote Eyewear has  put together this FYI on polarized lenses to help you figure out why you need polarized sunglasses


What are the benefits of polarized lenses?

Let’s start with the basics.

While all tinted lenses reduce brightness, polarized lenses are particularly useful for limiting glare. Glare is what happens when the sun hits a flat surface and the light is reflected back into your eye at a greater magnitude as we have talked about in our previous blog article here:


 Coyote Sunglasses Polarized sunglasses

                                  Polarized vs. non-polarized lens

 Harsh glare also has some harmful impacts on your  vision — it effects and  reduced depth and color perception, and can sometimes lead to temporary blindness. You’re most likely to encounter glare on a bright day on the ski slopes, as water and snow or driving down the highway with the sun in your eyes.

Glare Reduction for a Clearer Vision

Regular sunglasses mean that while your eyes are shaded from overall light, they aren’t protected from this direct reflective glare. Polarized sunglasses specifically filter much of this glare, giving you a clearer vision with less eye strain.


How Do Polarized Lenses Work and  Reduce Glare?

Polarized sunglasses lenses contain a chemical filter that absorbs horizontal light waves (reflections), while allowing the vertical waves to pass through (direct light).  By removing the horizontally reflected light, the polarized chemical filter eliminates any glare but preserves color, depth, and clarity.


When should I wear polarized sunglasses?

You can wear polarized lenses at any time, they are simply a better outdoor experience and will help you not miss out on great views.

Polarized eyewear is also well-loved in the outdoor sports world, allowing athletes like cyclists, runners, rowers, golfers, and more to see their path with added clarity and protection to their daily activities and training.


The Verdict is Clear, Polorized Coyotee Sunglasses are the best choice for anyone who wants a great look at an affordable price.  1000s of customers cant be wrong, get yours today at https://coyotesunglasses.com/