What you need to know about polarized sunglasses

When it comes to buying shades for the summer, we often find ourselves gravitating towards the cheapest option. And while they are never the cheapest, polarized sunglasses have become the ideal starting point for many buyers. Why, though? What do you need to know about polarized sunglasses and what they offer you in terms of benefits?

Can polarized sunglasses make it easier to see in the sun?

We’ve all been there – stepping out from the porch into the street, only to find the sun is literally blinding. You can barely see a few yards in front of you. Well, the idea of polarized sunglasses is that it can reduce glare from surfaces that might be interrupting your vision. That glare from the road? Gone. The shine from the water? No more. 

They can even be useful during the winter when the sun is shining from the snow and making it near-impossible to see where you are trying to go. 

Can I use polarized sunglasses when driving?

Absolutely! Most people will choose to pick up a pair of polarized shades when they need to head out on the road. This is a big part of your decision making process, because visibility on the roads is essential to yours (and others) safety. You will be happy to know, then, that these glasses tend to give you plenty of help when you need extra visibility on the road. 

Polarized sunglasses help to keep the road from becoming too hard to see on, which can improve your driving comfort and confidence.

Are my eyes better protected from UV radiation with polarized sunglasses?

One thing to note about polarized sunglasses, though, is that they do not provide improved UV protection. If you wear sunglasses to primarily protect your eyes, then you do not have to worry about whether or not the lenses are polarized or not. Any pair of proper sunglasses will still provide you with the same quality of protection that you need around the eyes.

So long as they offer a protection of around UV400, you should be able to help protect your eyes regardless of what polarization is used on the lenses.

How much more expensive are polarized sunglasses?

If you wish to buy a pair of shades that come with polarized lenses, then you should be prepared to pay as much as 30% on top of what you would get from a non-polarized alternative. Many brands sell both polarized and non-polarized lenses, and you can immediately notice a fair jump in the price that you are being asked to buy.

However, while they might look the same, the difference in general visibility that you would get is very much worth investing in. Since they do so much more to help reduce glare and improve your vision, you should definitely consider them an investment that is worth making.

Should I buy polarized sunglasses?

Typically, if you do any kind of prolonged driving or spend a lot of time in places with high reflective glare, the extra money is worth paying. Good quality polarized sunglasses can last for a long time to come, and give you access to a visual aid that can make your time in the sun even more enjoyable.

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