Why Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglass lenses have a certain chemical application done to them to filter out the sunlight. The chemicals are made to stop the light from passing through the spaces between the molecules. The only light that hits your eyes is the light that comes through the lenses vertically. Meaning when you have polarized sunglasses on you will be able to see objects more crisper and clearer, while your eyes are being protected. 

Polarized lenses can improve your sight clarity and reduce eye strain on very bright and sunny days. This means that polarized sunglasses are great for people that are often outside and doing sports outside. These lenses will help people protect their eyes and keep frustration away from when they cannot see things outside properly. 

However, there are times you should not use polarized sunglasses. An example of these situations are:

  • Trying to use your cell phone
  • When you are using an ATM machine
  • Trying to read your car dashboard controls

There are many more benefits to polarized sunglasses than there are downsides. Try out a pair of Coyote’s polarized sunglasses to see the benefits!