Coyote Eyewear means quality and customer service. All Coyote Eyewear offers 100% UVA, B, C protection.

Glass Polarized Lens

Our state of the art polarized lens for glare reduction. Our horizontal polarizing filter (HPF) with the optical clarity and scratch resistance of glass is the finest lens available. You will be amazed by the quality.

PZG B-15/ Brown: Sharpest detail and contrast on land and water (VLT – 15%)

PZG G-15/Gray/Green:Crisp, clear natural colors with the ability to overpower glare. (VLT – 15%)

AR – Anti Reflective back coating eliminates reflected light from back of lens.

Polycarbonate Polarized Lens Data

5 layers provide outstanding protection from glare, impact, scratches and water. HPF eliminates all types of reflected glare. Unbreakable.

PC Polarized CopperPC Polarized GrayGradient PC PolarizedPC Polarized Flash Rose
Contrast and detail enhancing for the widest range of lighting conditions. Sun, clouds, haze and fog. (VLT – 18%)“Cools” even the harshest of glare. Best suited for the direct sunlight. (VLT – 12%)Darker top fades to lighter bottom for reading and driving (Gray – VLT 16%, Brown – VLT 23%)Detail enhancing. Great for snow. Flash mirror added for visual comfort. (VLT – 16%)

Frame Data

Handmade frames are produced with up to 35 individual steps.


Metal comprised of a combination of nickel and zinc. Strong, durable and lightweight.


Handmade Italian zyl originates from the natural fiber cotton. Rich colors and a silky feel.


Grilamid & polyamide, for sport frames that are durable, lightweight and flexible.


Hinge Coyote uses premium quality European spring hinges.

Lens Data