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Sunglasses are both practical and essential for maintaining good health. Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body, and they are also one of the most sensitive. Protecting the delicate structures of your eyes is crucial for your long-term health and happiness. Why not do so in style? Coyote Sunglasses creates beautiful polarized sunglasses for men and polarized sunglasses for women. Our range of polarized fishing sunglasses don’t just look great, they also help you see far more when you’re on the water.

Polarized sport sunglasses can help take your performance to the next level. If you’re out in the sun, good visibility is vital. This is even truer when you’re engaging in sports. Some sports can be dangerous if you can’t see what you’re doing, so it’s essential that you don’t take any risks. Put on a pair of Coyote Sunglasses, and you can rest assured that you’re both protected and in style.

Sports sunglasses for men aren’t the only things we produce. Our trendy sunglasses for men are the talk of the town. You don’t need to be left out if you wear prescription glasses, either. We produce a range of designer prescription sunglasses so everyone can own a pair of Coyotes. When you wear our glasses, you can feel proud of taking care of your eyes with a set of highly protective lenses. Enjoy high fashion and the great outdoors with a set of Coyotes. Protect your health while looking great!

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Our state of the art polarized lens for glare reduction. Our horizontal polarizing filter (HPF) with the optical clarity and scratch resistance of glass is the finest lens available. You will be amazed by the quality.

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