Are Gradient Polarized Sunglasses the right pair for you?

It’s no secret- exposure from the sun can cause serious damage to our eyes. From headaches, eye strain and discomfort, to serious medical issues like cataracts and macular degeneration, the sun’s harmful UV rays are no joke. The easiest way to protect your eyes is to throw on a pair of sunglasses. But with so many options out there, how do you know which ones are right for you? Gradient polarized sunglasses are one of the many options, and here is the scoop on what they do for you and your eyes.

Gradient lenses are tinted from top to bottom so that the top portion of the lens is the most tinted fading into the lightest part of the tint at the bottom of the lens. This type of lens is very practical as it blocks out bright light coming from above while allowing significantly more light to pass through at the bottom. The colour gradient is often very subtle, and colours range from an array of smokey black and brown to lighter yellow-orange and everything in between. These sunglasses give you the opportunity to have a little fun with your style while giving you the benefits of practical eyewear protection. 

Take driving as an example, gradient polarized sunglasses take the pressure off your eyes and allow you to fully concentrate, without straining to see the road ahead. The darker part of the gradient tint helps to shield your eyes from overhead sunlight, while the bottom part of the lens allows plenty of light through so you can clearly see your dashboard and controls. The polarized lenses reduce glare from surfaces such as the hood of cars, trucks, and other shiny metallic objects on the road making driving in bright sunlight a comfortable experience. Once you own a pair of gradient polarized sunglasses, you’ll never be able to wear anything else again!

We offer a variety of gradient sunglass options in our store. Check out the options to find the perfect pair of glasses for you!