Everything You Need To Know About Sunglass Terminology

Shopping for sunglasses can be tough when you don’t quite understand the terminology used to describe different parts of the glasses. Sunglasses can be a lot more elaborate than just something that sits on our face to protect your eyes from the sun. Not all sunglasses are created equally, meaning there are different pairs for certain situations and each use a type of terminology to explain what they are good for. In this post, we are going to go over different terms used for sunglasses and why they’re important.


Polarization refers to the glare protection a pair of sunglasses might have. Polarized lenses have a special filter on them that is added to block intense light that is being reflected. This is important because the lenses actually reduce glare, which in turn can keep you safer during outdoor activities. Glare can distort the colour of objects, which makes them harder to distinguish.


The shape of your sunglasses plays a huge role on the fit, style and comfort they provide. There are different shapes of sunglasses for different situations, such as running sunglasses, lifestyle sunglasses and skiing sunglasses. Depending on what your sunglasses are going to be used for, you’ll want to make sure the shape of them is perfect. A few different sunglasses shapes are: floating, wrap-around, panoramic and total cover.


The ventilation level of a pair of sunglasses can be very important depending on what they are being used for. If you are wearing a pair of sunglasses during any type of physical activity, ventilation is very important because you don’t want them to fog up and hinder your vision. A great example of this are running sunglasses, because you are sweating so much during a run the glasses can fog quickly. You’ll want to purchase a pair of sunglasses that have great ventilation for running. There are a few different types of ventilation amongst sunglasses, such as font venting, side venting and full venting.

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