Oversized sunglasses are here to stay!

Fashion styles and trends appear, fade away, and reappear in a constant cycle that seems a bit precarious and unpredictable. The eyewear industry is one that is included in this system, and it can be tricky to know which styles are in, and which are out. But, some styles seem to last for years if not decades, namely the iconic oversized sunglasses made popular by many famous celebrities over the years. They’re an important addition to any wardrobe, and will last a lifetime!

Oversized sunglasses are often seen as a fashion statement all on their own, making a bold statement without having to say a word. This style became particularly popular in the 1960’s after First Lady Jacki Kennedy wore them to keep a low profile (ironically enough). 

For a pair of sunglasses to be considered “oversized” they only need to fit the criteria of being bigger than traditional sunglasses. If you are worried that this style won’t fit or feel right for you, there are many different frame sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to choose from to help you find the right pair. 

As a practical benefit, the often absurdly large frames do an excellent job covering your eyes from the sun, adding additional protection you would otherwise not get from a traditional pair of sunglasses. With the right pair combined with a decent sunblock, you’ll keep your eyes healthy and avoid wrinkles.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right pair of oversized sunglasses:

  • Frame your face – if the frame is wider than your face, you’ve gone too far.
  • Show your eyebrows – the overall look will be odd if you cover your eyebrows with the frames of your sunglasses. 
  • They should not touch your cheeks – Whether your face is relaxed or smiling, if your cheeks touch the bottom of the frames, they’re too big for your face.
  • Choose a comfortable fit – if they are too big for you, they can become very uncomfortable if worn for extended periods of time, and result in a headache.

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