Polarized Sunglasses for 5 summer activities

Summer might be coming to a close in a month, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time for your favourite summer activities. Polarized sunglasses can be crucial for some of these activities as they can help you see better while you are taking part in them. The following are a few activities polarized sunglasses definitely come in handy for.


Whether you’re biking through the trails or sticking to the roads, a pair of lightweight polarized sunglasses will keep you safe and comfortable. A pair of sunglasses that have lenses that keep sweat and oil from clouding your vision is also very important for when you’re biking.


Polarized sunglasses will block the sun from your eyes while you are running, which will allow you to see the road or trail clearly and keep you safe. Specific running glasses will also keep the dust and wind out of your eyes.

Fishing & Boating

People wear polarized sunglasses while fishing or boating because they cut the glare from the water’s surface for better visibility when they are on or off the water. There are a variety of glasses styles for boaters, even ones with different colour lenses!


Lightweight polarized sunglasses are ideal for long days of hiking. They will protect your eyes while you are out on the trails from the sun, dirt and the wind. Wearing a pair of sunglasses while hiking is important for keeping your eyes safe.

Kicking Back

One of the best parts of summer can simply be relaxing and reading a book. What most people don’t realize is that even when you’re out doing nothing it’s important to keep your eyes safe from the harsh sunlight. If you’re using a e-reader it’s even more important to use polarized sunglasses to stay away from any glare that could happen.

We have a variety of polarized sunglasses styles available for all your summer activity needs. Head on over to our shop page to check them out!