Tips on Picking the Best Sunglasses for Running

If you’ve ever gone for a run with a cheap pair of sunglasses on before, you’ll know the not so great feeling it gives. You need a pair of sunglasses that will last through all the stages of running including the extreme sweating, staring into the sunlight and running in windy climates. The type of sunglasses you need as a runner are the ones that won’t budge through all these stages of your run. 

When trying to pick the best pair it’s best to consider the following things: different materials, frames, shields, lenses and much more. The following are our top tips to help you pick the best pair of sunglasses for running. 


The frame of your glasses is probably the most important part to think of because if it’s not the perfect fit for your face they won’t sit right and just annoy you the entire time. It’s best to find a pair that is snug, lightweight and comfortable. There are a variety of sunglass shapes that you should look at, such as total cover, wrap around, panoramic and curved wrapping. Each style has it’s own unique frame and lense, which is why it’s important to try on each style and see what works best for you.  


There are various weather conditions that affect the glasses you will pick. They will need to be comfortable and improve the quality of your run depending on the conditions you normally run in. It’s best to consider the various conditions you could potentially be running in. If you normally run when the sunlight is the strongest, you’ll want some full protection glasses to protect your eyes. If you run along water you will want a pair of sunglasses that are polarized to stop reflections. And if you run during the morning, you’ll want a pair that have great ventilation in case there is fog.


The last step in picking the perfect pair of sunglasses is the fit and enhancements you can make. Picking a pair that fit well is important, however there are always fit enhancements you can make to the glasses after purchase. Grips placed near the nose and temples can help increase hold and comfort for longer runs and intense conditions. Cord attachments are another way you can keep your glasses on in situations where they might slip off. Therefore, there are definitely further fit enhancements you can make to your sunglasses to increase their comfort level.

At Coyote Eyewear we have a variety of sport sunglasses that can be used for running. Take a look at our shop and contact us with any questions you might have!