Types of Sunglasses

The right type of sunglasses for you really depends on your own personal preferences. Of course, we should always take into consideration a few characteristics when searching for a pair- like if they are well-made with strong materials, if they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and if polarized lenses will be beneficial to you. But after checking off all those boxes, you’re still left with a nearly endless amount of styles to choose from. Round, rectangular, oval, no frames, thick frames, mirrored lenses.. It goes on and on. While many styles have come and gone, there have been a few that remained in fashion, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the more well-known types of sunglasses and the reasons they’re so popular.

Aviator – worn primarily by pilots back in the day, the large teardrop lenses do a good job blocking the sun from all angles. Classic aviators typically have a dark metal frame and reflective or smoke lenses. This style is simple and remains a go-to for many for good reason!

Browline – These sunglasses have a thick top frame that run across the browline and a very thin frame around the bottom half of the lens (hence the name). Also called the clubmasters, this retro-style has been carried on by many celebrities keeping them as one of the most popular styles found today.

Cat Eye / Oval – With feminine qualities and feline prints, these glasses have been adored by women since the 50’s when stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn made them extremely popular. Their unique shape fit almost any face shape, helping make them an easy choice to add to your collection!

Sport – as the name implies, this style is best suited for action and adventure. A thin, sleek design that typically tapers around the temples to provide extra security and protection, while the lenses themselves are often polarized to fight glare and increase visibility. 

Square – A very dynamic style of sunglasses, these can be more square or rectangular in shape and range in style from sporty to trendy and everything in between. Their shape also does a great job evening out a narrow jaw line or adding some lines to a round face shape. 

Round – Definitely not the most practical shape, but one to make a statement nonetheless! Made famous by John Lennon, the round lenses can be framed by thick or thin frames, and made from plastic or metal. No matter how they’re made, their quirky circular shape won’t go unnoticed! 

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