What style of sunglass frames best fits a round face

The shape of your face has a lot to do with which sunglasses look and fit right. “Round” faces typically have a larger forehead and broader jawline compared to a slender face shape, but whatever you are working with it is important to choose a pair of sunglasses that will enhance your shape! This can be done in a few ways- try choosing a style of sunglasses that are elongating which will give the face a more toned and sharpened look. Another way is to wear oversized rectangular or square frames which will create dimension and compliment a round face shape. Other sunglasses like aviators and large cat-eyes also go well with a round face. 

A general rule: avoid circular frames, small ovals, and thin frames which can all accentuate the curves of a round face. 

Here is more detail about how certain styles and frames pair well with a round face:

Square frames – this style helps to add balance to the natural soft features of a round face, while giving the illusion that the face is longer and slimmer than it actually is.

Rectangular frames – similar to square frames, rectangles can make a round face appear longer and slimmer. Anyone aiming to add extra contouring to their face will benefit from a pair of rectangular framed sunglasses.

Geometric frames – shapes like hexagons and heptagons play well with adding distinct lines and angles to an otherwise round face, creating balance.

Cat-eye and Aviator frames – these styles go well with almost any face shape, but especially with a round one. The upswift silhouette appears to “lift” the face and offers a slimming effect. 

Clear frames – clear or translucent frames appear to be almost invisible from a distance and do a great job at highlighting the soft features of a round face.

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